Smart parking barrier

Secure your parking place, control it with your smartphone and share it with your friends.

Coming to market July 2017

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Three steps to a secure parking place


Buy the Parklio barrier from our webshop


Mount it to the ground with provided screws


Free app for iPhone, Android & Windows phone


Do you have a problem with your parking place?
Even marked as private, your neighbours still use it?

Parklio smart parking barrier will not only protect your parking place from unauthorized usage but also provide you with the possibility to share digital keys with other users via mobile application.


Dimensions opened/closed (h/w/d) 90/450/450 - 450/450/450 mm
Waterproof IP68
Vandal-proof Armoured steel
Marking CE, FCC
Weight 14kg
Warranty 24 months

Technical specifications

Power supply Battery/ 90-250V AC
Battery duration 6 months on 1 charge
Charging DC Adapter / Solar
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
Software Android 4.4+/iOS 7+/WP 8.1+
Temp. range -30°C - 60°C
Max. load 6000kg


Auto open

Upon vehicle arrival the barrier will detect the owner's smartphone and automatically open without any user interaction.

Auto close

Upon vehicle departure, the barrier will automatically close and keep the parking space protected.

Key sharing

Send keys to other users through the application and enable them to control your parking barrier for a specified time interval.


Step 1

Drill three holes on the place where the parking barrier will be installed.

Step 2

Place the provided anchors inside the holes.

Step 3

Place the barrier to fit the anchors and tighten it with the provided screws.

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