• Smart parking barrier

    Secure your parking place, control it with a smartphone and share it with you friends

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Mount it to the ground with provided screws


Free app for iOS and Android

Features of the parking barrier

Long life battery

Li-Ion battery can power the barrier up to 6 months.

Key sharing

Send keys to other users through the application and enable them to control your parking barrier for a specified time interval.

Auto close

Upon vehicle departure, the barrier will automatically close and keep the parking space protected.


with specs and features

Technical specifications

We solve your parking problems

Power supply

The parking barrier is initially supplied from battery, but there is also an option for constant supply with 90-250V AC


We use eco-friendly Li-ion rechargeable batteries with 3800mAh capacity.


We have developed a mobile application for Android 4.4+ and iOS 7+


Communication between the smartphone and the parking barrier is realized via Bluetooth Low Energy module.

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